Mental Health

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The Chocolate Spectrum
6725 W Indiantown Road
Suite 38
Jupiter, FL

They are a family owned and operated artisan chocolate company. It was started by Valerie for her son, Blake, who is a young man with autism in 2013.

Mental Clearing with Charlee Quinlan

Charlee is trained to help you via mental clearing a partner assisted self-inquiry process. You can target specific stuck areas in life.  Whether it is work, relatonships, internal conflict or stuck projects, it helps a client gain clarity and shows a way forward.  Uncommunicated communications are fulfilled so that real relating can take place.

Faster Than Normal / ADHD Is a Super Power

Peter Shankman is a spectacular example of what happens when you find the best traits of ADHD and work hard to make them benefit you.  He is passionate about helping others find and bring their ADHD gifts to life.  Don’t miss his 20 minute podcasts where he talks with everyone from business leaders, educators, students, entrepreneurs, dieticians, and physicians.  The are only 20 minutes because….squirrel!

580 Village Blvd
Suite 370
West Palm Beach, FL

Franye is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who cares about the individuals and couples that seek her services and works with them to achieve the healing and life enrichment they seek.

Healthy Minded Kids / Crystal Nasser LCSW
Healthy Minded Kids (NPT and Greenacres)
11911 US Hwy 1
North Palm Beach, FL

Play therapy is often the ideal clinical approach for most children. Play therapy has been successful in addressing a variety of common parental concerns, such as:

Behavioral Difficulties at Home or in School
Social and Emotional Difficulties
Issues related to Grief, Loss, Divorce
Attachment and Parent-Child Relationship Struggles
Trauma, Abuse, and Neglect